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Are you a communicator in the Church who is desiring:

• Inspiration to rediscover a passion to communicate God’s word effectively;

• Liberation to find your own unique communication style;

• Instruction in core competencies of effective Biblical communication.

The PL21 Panel

Bruxy Cavey

Teaching Pastor
The Meeting House
Oakville, ON

Michael Krause

Teaching Pastor
Southridge Community Church
Welland, ON

Patti Miller

Lead Pastor
Evangel Pentecostal Church
Montréal, QC

Ken Shigematsu

Senior Pastor
Tenth Church
Vancouver, BC

Mike Penninga

Senior Pastor
Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church
Kelowna, BC

Tim Schroeder

Teaching Pastor
Trinity Church
Kelowna, BC

Jared E. Alcántara

Jared Alcántara is an Assistant Professor of Homiletics at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois. Prior to Trinity, he also served as an adjunct instructor in New York City and as a doctoral teaching fellow in Homiletics in Princeton, New Jersey. Jared is passionate about equipping students to preach God’s Word in ways that are faithful, effective, clear, creative, and inspiring.

Next Steps

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