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Because of the GLS | Albino Children in Tanzania Have New Hope


In Tanzania, if you are an albino, you live in constant fear for your life due to superstitious beliefs and a lack of education about albinism.

Some people believe that if they bring the body parts of albinos to witch doctors, they will receive riches or magical powers. Because of this superstitious belief, hundreds of albinos have been mutilated or killed for their body parts, making Tanzania the most dangerous place for albinos in the world.

The problem is more prevalent in places like Tanzania, where they have the highest rate of people living with albinism in the world.

In such a context, the Church has an opportunity to show Africa that albinos are equal members of society — Gifts from God.

At the Global Leadership Summit, Pastor Florian Katunzi, broken by what has been happening to albinos in his community, was inspired by a whisper from God.

After attending GLS, Pastor Katunzi has a different view on this small community that is in great danger. “The church in Tanzania has not taken any significant steps toward ending this horrific problem that is growing day by day in our country,” explains Pastor Florian. “I think as a church, we need to do something for them.

“My church and I decided to help children living with albinism in our local communities by providing special hostels where they will be living under special care in a secured environment. The aim is to remove them from high risk environments early on and provide them with special education and support programs.”

We continue to pray for this brand new project in Tanzania, and our friend, Pastor Florian. Please pray that the Church will become a voice for the voiceless, and show the community how to see albinos through God’s eyes.

Thank you for supporting leaders like Pastor Florian, and giving them an opportunity to be inspired with a Grander Vision through the Global Leadership Summit.

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